Safe Haven for an ADD Child— A Therapeutic Boarding School


Each child is different, adolescence can be an extremely challenging time of change and development. Even children growing up in the most stable environments may grow up to have diverse personalities and may even struggle with a more serious condition. A very common and serious condition is referred to as Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder affects one out of every 25 children. Studies show just how significant parents help can be in helping them with it through adulthood. A child with ADD faces issues dealing with normal routines that a regular kid will breeze through.

At Logan River Academy, the education of your children is always a priority as well as helping them improve on their syndrome. The kids with ADD face difficulty in coping with the mainstream educational setting and this is reflected by the poor grades or sheer disinterest in school activities. For such children who are displaying this kind of behavior, our staff strives to help them develop. We are specialized in taking the best care of your child along with helping them pursue their mainstream education.

The Logan River Academy provides an education to your child when they are not thriving in their home environment. We treat many students who have ADD, and have developed a comfortable routine which will teach your child how to cope with and treat their ADD. Attending our academy is a perfect place for your children with the condition because this is the precise place where experts can treat your children.

If your child is affected by ADD, it is best recommended to put him in a school such as the Logan River Academy where his special needs will be catered to by professionals who are well trained to do so. This will by far be the best place, particularly when parents are committed to healing and change. At Logan River Academy kids are educated in a way which assists them in overcoming their condition so they don’t have to carry the condition through adulthood.


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